LaunchPad Writing + Research is a comprehensive one-stop shop for technical writing and market research services.

Writing Services:

With an eye for detail and a commitment to delivering clear and concise copy, LaunchPad's ultimate goal is to help our clients communicate their message for the maximum benefit of their business.

LaunchPad provides an array of writing services for both print and digital media outlets:

  • Magazine articles, for both trade journals and clients' internal publications
  • Editorial/opinion copy
  • White papers
  • Press releases
  • Product brochures and case histories
  • Web-optimized copy for digital media, website redesigns

Market Research:

Whether companies are considering to develop a new technology on their own, or invest in and broaden an existing technology's market reach, up-front information is critical.

LaunchPad provides a range of market scoping and analysis tools that help companies decide how, or even if, to leverage their investment in new technologies, both domestically and abroad.

Our market research services include:

  • Market scoping – gathering all pertinent information regarding the potential market for a new technology. This includes identifying the market need for such a technology and key competitors already playing in this market.
  • Data analysis and extrapolation – drilling down on the potential size of the market, and the estimated growth of that market over the foreseeable time horizon.
  • Identifying risks – highlighting potential entry barriers to market, addressing customer perceptions/biases/skepticism of new technologies, and detailing the competitive landscape.
  • Market entry strategies – proposing a staged approach to successfully entering a new market to maximize the technology’s visibility and its perception as a game changer.

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